Spokane, WA. Spin-o-Matic Creative Inc, the Northwest Food Agency famous for legendary advertising culinary campaign slogans like "You can take the MEAT out of the LOAF, but you can't take the POP out of the CORN!" and "WHAMMY! It's Not HAMMY!" are at it again. With a witty campaign aimed directly at helicopter moms concerned with presumptive childhood allergies, Spin-o-Matic introduces their "Spices Lighter Than Air" campaign for their newest client, Tom's Tennis Balls. "Well, our client was a tennis ball manufacturer. When that market fell apart this year, they wanted to diversify," explains Josh Winklerbone, Chief Creative Spinner for Spin-O-Matic. "We said...Let's take the tennis balls out of the can. We'll slap a different label on the empty can and call it a line of Safe Air-based Spices for kids. Helicopter moms will buy anything. And, the rest is history." With sales reaching triple digits in Q2, No-Spice Spices are a giant hit. With claims on the can like "0% Sugar, 0% Sodium, 0% Anything," moms love No-Spice Spices. The biggest sellers so far include No-Sneeze Peppercorn, Guilt-Free Garlic Salt, and I Can't Believe It's Not Cumin. Moms claim it is the safest seasoning for organic broccoli, vegan mac and cheese, and no-kill chicken nuggets. Kids report that it's stupid.