Newark, NJ. Many things are changing thanks to recent powerful cultural shifts being felt across every level of today's society. One area that is seeing a significant rise is called "the tattoo scene." This little known and little-seen subset of strange people uses permanent ink, injected under the skin's epidermis, to represent images and ideas all over their bodies. In some cases, they will even use words. Arms, legs, bellies, and even heads are seeing tattoos. It's shocking. What's even more surprising are the fonts. We've seen Helvetica, Comic sans, Rockwell, and a whole host of script fonts. Because this is such a new cultural shift, no one knows precisely the long term effects of tattoos and what might happen to those that receive them in the long run. Brain damage, kidney failure, hemorrhoids are just a few guesses. If you happen to see someone with one of these renegade marks, don't run from them. They are people just like you and us. Only weirder.