Hot Diggity Dogs!

The best invention ever! The All American Meal. All toasted together? Why didn't somebody think of this idea years ago? Apparently, they did. Brilliant and delicious! $18.59


Suture Practice Kit

Trust us. When the Apocolypse hits the fan, you'll be glad you learned how to forcep, compress and stitch up 14 of the worst wounds in the field. Your mommy will be so proud of you. $35.95


Remote Control Scorpion

Live in the desert? Check! Got an annoying neighbor? Check! Welcome to the most fun you'll ever have for $16 bucks! It's wacky. It's scary. It a remote control scorpion! $15.99

It's National Candy Corn Day!

Any Town, USA. It is time to celebrate America. It is time to lay down our political differences and grab a bag of the triumphant triangles of tri-color goodness. What goes better with peanuts? Well, chocolate, of course...But, besides that? Don't answer that, Boston. We know your half-baked answer. Hooray for Candy Corn! Do you know where it originated? Neither do we. Why? It just doesn't matter. Say it with us. It just doesn't matter. It just doesn't matter! Because at the end of the day, you can still make yellow vampire teeth and laugh the night away with the biggest sugar-rush headache of your life. Candy Corn. Corn Chips. Chips Ahoy. Ahoy Mates. Covfefe. It all makes sense now. Candy Corn is the answer. (Editors Note: Skippy, the newly acquired writing intern, was found surrounded by empty bags of candy corn in a pool of his own sugary sick this morning after finishing this entry. He will be taking a few days off.)

Cooties Attack Typing Machine at A Better Post

Fort Wayne, IN. After 30 intense days and nights of struggle, A Better Post confidently announces that they have cleared all the curmudgeon cootie creatures from their TI 99 Word Processor. "We are back in full production of prestigious posts, but it was a battle of the ages." Says Swy. "We done got infested. First, they rattled the rattlers in the ratta-tat-tatter. Next, they wiggled the wires in the haymaker, and it went haywire. Those cooties are quite the quiet quandary." What started as a silly wordplay nuisance quickly turned into a vicious attack of A Better Post's right to free press. "It was like the little guys didn't want us to post any of our top-notch reporting anymore." Says J. Ken Doll. "Every time we started to type stuff, something else went wrong. Finally, we just picked up the keyboard and shook the bejinkers out of it. Literally, bejinkers fell out of it. Bejnkers and Cooties. They were in cahoots the whole time." That revelation allowed the A Better Post team to buy a big can of Cootie Spray and remedy the problem. "Get set, America. We are back and ready for round two.”

Pear Bought By Orange

Oxnard, CA. Pear, LLC is the not-so-famous manufacturer of the Pear Laptop Computer. You know the company. You just didn't know that you knew the company. Pear is that "alternative" laptop brand you see popping up in so many sitcoms across semi-popular cable channels. Well, as it turns out, they were bought by another company named Orange, LLC. So, now the pear shape, which used to be an apple shape, will be replaced with an orange circle shape. We apologize. It's a slow day for made-up sarcastic news.

The Tattoo Scene is Real

Newark, NJ. Many things are changing thanks to recent powerful cultural shifts being felt across every level of today's society. One area that is seeing a significant rise is called "the tattoo scene." This little known and little-seen subset of strange people uses permanent ink, injected under the skin's epidermis, to represent images and ideas all over their bodies. In some cases, they will even use words. Arms, legs, bellies, and even heads are seeing tattoos. It's shocking. What's even more surprising are the fonts. We've seen Helvetica, Comic sans, Rockwell, and a whole host of script fonts. Because this is such a new cultural shift, no one knows precisely the long term effects of tattoos and what might happen to those that receive them in the long run. Brain damage, kidney failure, hemorrhoids are just a few guesses. If you happen to see someone with one of these renegade marks, don't run from them. They are people just like you and us. Only weirder.

BBQ Named The Official Food

In a less than shocking announcement today from the International Barbecue Association of Pit Grilling Bearded Jockeys, barbecue was named the official best food of every kind of food, forever. The joyous announcement was made at this year's Grilling Great's Pinnacle Pit Passion Playoffs in Pascalusa, PA. A raspy roar of applause rose among the attendants like the white oak filled clouds of countless steel drums bathed in the warm afternoon light. Those that made the trip to taste the bark-ringed delicacies found at this year's event were not disappointed. Those that came for the veggies may have been.

There's No I in Labor

As the old saying goes, "There's no I in labor. But, there is in licorice." Now, granted it's an old german saying that probably gets lost in translation somewhere. But the point is valid. Labor is sweet and should be treasured, like a delicious whip of black licorice. Yummy, yummy licorice. The perfect blend of anis flavoring and malted sorghum. There is no question why it was voted one of America's favorite treats by the Licorice Association of America. Right next to Necco Wafers and Pepto Bismal. Labor and licorice. Licorice and Labor. Two treasured American traditions that aren't going away any time soon. This weekend, as you are sitting by the lake, sipping on a cold water, consider grabbing a handful of licorice and remembering your old pals at A Better Post. Happy Labor Day, friend. Eat responsibly.

About A Better Post

A Better Post is a creative outburst of A. Betterman Creative. All names, both real and made up, are used for humor and parody purposes only. All stories, facts, and data shared herein are not to be taken literally. Who has time to find real info anymore? That takes work. It's all for funsies. Enjoy responsibly. Share extravagantly.