As the old saying goes, "There's no I in labor. But, there is in licorice." Now, granted it's an old german saying that probably gets lost in translation somewhere. But the point is valid. Labor is sweet and should be treasured, like a delicious whip of black licorice. Yummy, yummy licorice. The perfect blend of anis flavoring and malted sorghum. There is no question why it was voted one of America's favorite treats by the Licorice Association of America. Right next to Necco Wafers and Pepto Bismal. Labor and licorice. Licorice and Labor. Two treasured American traditions that aren't going away any time soon. This weekend, as you are sitting by the lake, sipping on a cold water, consider grabbing a handful of licorice and remembering your old pals at A Better Post. Happy Labor Day, friend. Eat responsibly.