To celebrate the historic milestone of September's first post, A Better Post has written a simple but powerful song to commemorate the moment. However, this being a print-based blog and all, we found it challenging to translate the music to you. So, in hopes that your own musical muse will guide you, we present the stuff that the song was made out of. The chords were CCCCCC-AAAA Minor-FFFFFF-GGGG Seventh, repeat. The lyrics went something like this.

What's that happening on A Better Post?

Why did I start eating granola and oats?

I have never heard this news before

I don’t mind not hearing it, anymore.

It's kinda familiar to me.

Sends a chill right through me.

'Cause those stories remind of the time that I first fell in love with neeewsss.

(Parody sympathetically taken from Grease, the Musical)